Interactive installation


I’m a visual artist and I have a client, who is interested in building two interactive installations.
I’m looking for Unreal Engine developer (C++), who can create custom application and has experience
working with Kinect2 cameras and sensors.

Installation consist of large 4K LCD screen in portrait mode (as if this is a mirror).

There are numerous 3D objects floating randomly in space (exploded chair).
At some user action (let say a simple button for now), all those objects get back to their predetermined
position and reconstruct the initial object. Once user leaves the area, objects gets decomposed again.

Kinect camera should detect persons presence in front of the screen and adjust picture based
on persons position. (in order to have correct visual perspective).

Requirements are pretty standard

  • real-time and low latency
  • robust and fail-proof
  • ability to customize certain parameters via simple configuration files

If anyone feels competent for this kind of task, please contact me by email or PM.

This is obviously a payed job and there might be another installation to build
in the near future.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Mikhail Margolis

I have already worked with kinect v2 and v1 and programmed an installation with kinect v2 and unreal engine.
please tell me if you are interested.