Interactive Hologram With Unreal

Hi, I am pleased to show you owr first tek demo that we launch in The Real estate show in Mexico DF a few weeks ago. I am glad to se that more and more people are starting to see Unreal Engine as a tool to develop any kind of projects, not only games.
Hope you like it, and ill try to keep improving the prototype with new bels and whistles.

Have a nice day.

Looks cool. I’m not sure what I’m looking at though? Can you explain what you used UE4 for?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed that they used unreal to prepare the level that was then projected into a hologram, using BP to rotate, zoom in/out and so forth. As an architecture graduate student, this application seems good for gallery presentations, but the client might be looking for something more hands-on, such as VR

Might be cool in a leasing office or sales office.

Hi charliesuzzo, you are correct. I am using unreal engine to make the holographic projection interactive. Right now it is a simple setup but i have received a positive feedback from clients, they will always be looking for something new and as estrange it seams there are a few clients that are not that hipped up for vr headsets.
We will see how it evolves but i hope that this trend that it has been happening with arch-viz and other industries ends up evolving and i gets to the point of an standard.