Interactive elements don't move in the ProductViewer Blueprint

Hi !

I just found a solution to switch my materials when I press on a key on my keyboard in the product viewer.
Now, when I want to move my different obects in the player, they don’t move and if I use a command during I’m in the player.
When I quit the player, I have an error in the ProductViewer Blueprint with some actors : the problem is that I don’t know which actors they are. Even if I’m in simulation mode an looking at my blueprints.

When I delete the “switch material” blueprint I made, all of my functions are working !
That’s why I’m sure that the blueprint I made is the actual problem, but where’s the error ?

You can find attached pictures of my blueprints, I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

What is the error? Hard to help without knowing what the actual issue is.