Interactive Display / Tab

Hi everyone !

Let me introduce my self as a beginner regarding Blueprints :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a tablet in my scene and I would like to set some interactions with it like playing a song and open an app…

I created two different image sequences, basically this is what I want to do :

Thank you in advance…

Not sure what you are actually asking for but if you just want to click on there just add some trigger volumes and use the on click events? Or you could put a UMG object on your tablet and use that as well

Everything regarding blueprints is new for me, I just started to learn UE4.

You can find a capture of my scene to help you to understand what I’m looking for to do.

I have 2 problems here :

  1. I put a trigger volume to allow me to switch between a camera to an other one. But when I’m in the second camera, I’m stuck, I cannot move or look. I don’t know which blueprint I should use…

  2. In this second camera (In front of the tablet), I would like to have a cursor to play with the tab and allow the player to look around (like he was sit on the chair).

Change the camera around with a player pawn and posess that pawn.

Inside your player pawn you can disable the movement on it but keep the rotation.

For the screen you can use UMG elements attached to the screen blueprint.

To be able to click on it you will want to change the control mode to “UI only” and your mouse cursor will display.