Interactive Digital Clone (in Unreal)

At Bolder Games, I’ve been building procedural animation systems for dynamic content, such as AI characters. This week, I realized I could (with very little effort) create a compelling digital clone of myself, including my voice, personality, memories, and a decent Metahuman likeness. It’s a pretty surreal out-of-body experience to talk with yourself face-to-face. I’m amazed at what we’ve accomplished so far.

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Hi there @Turknor,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far :slight_smile:

Just popping in to say this is such a cool project. It’s an Unreal Engine mirror! :smiley: Plus the facial movements always remind me of how far animation has come. So Rad!

What part of this are you trying to perfect specifically? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed this experiment!

One of the lacking elements is exaggerated momentary facial expressions. I only get audio + basic mood + dialog text from the AI, so I’m inventive about gleaning contextual cues for animations. I want the character to enunciate with their face, which is the next thing I’m working on. :slight_smile:

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Such a thoughtful detail :smiley: It’s always subtle facial animation that quite literally brings a character “to life”. I look forward to seeing what you manage to create next :slight_smile: