Interactive Curtain in Ue4 - Cloth from apex - Problems with interaction in scene

Hey guys, hi to all.

I’m trying to put in use the cloth system in UE4, and following the metalgame tutorial (?v=oRaStTw0-l0) in a simple curtain, I managed so far to put the mesh in the engine, activate the simulation, but there is when things start going wrong:

1- the collision is set by default as PhysicsActor in the scene, what sounds logic, but places a huge box around the curtain, making any attemp to interact with the curtain ending in facing an invisible wall.

2- The curtains interact with the wind class element, being displaced in the direction and the strengh of this virtual ventilator, but, the curtain ignores all the other elements in the scene, passing through all the objects, ignoring any attemp of interaction.

My question is… Is working the interactivity of the cloth in this engine version (4.2.1)? What I’m missing here?

Thanks in advance for any tip.

Best regards, Victor.-

Take a look at this thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?10334-Apex-cloth-How-can-I-make-it-collide-with-other-objects-in-the-world :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks fot the answer (and the tutorials too :wink: ) . My problem with that post is that I´ve created a dynamic ring on the cloth bone (using just 2 bones like old school udk, 1 for the static part of the cloth, and the other for the dynamic cloth), added the capsules, and then change the setting for clothing capsules, but still no interaction with any object.

The first idea was pulling the cloth, I know now we cannot interact directly with the cloth, but we can pull objects that interact with that, but first I’ll be glad if at least I can see the cloth behaving like part of the same world that the other objects, like a curtain and a box close enough to copy the form of that box.

Let me know if anyone got this working, and where you must put the capsule to make the cloth get the deformation from external objects (btw, I don’t know if you guys have see the bug with the mesh editor when you import a cloth to the engine, where if you have 2 meshes in the same object, exported from 3dmax as cloth, apex make 2 different files for each, when you put all in place, and activate the self collision, it works perfectly in that window, you save that, and put the mesh in the scene, and voila… what you have seeing in the mesh editor, doesn’t work in the scene, and the cloths pass through each other like nothing.).

Thanks for all.

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Hi Senrof, I wonder did you find sollution how to make curtain?

I have followed some tutorials on how to make an Apex cloth and successfully managed to import the .fbx and apex file into UE.
The curtains are working well with the wind but collision is acting very strange. I used blocking volumes for collision in the entire scene, since mesh collision generated in the editor didnt always work. I stretched and scaled the blocking volumes to fit the walls that are supposed to block the curtains.
For example in the first picture I have the curtain colliding with 2 blocking volumes. When the wind blows, it looks good.
In the other picture i have the same curtain with the same 2 blocking volumes moved a few meters back and it is only colliding with one of them (the top one).

Any idea what the problem could be?


I found this in a search because I am setting up an identical curtain, and I have solve most of the issues you have encountered. But I also have new issues. Did you fix this on your end? Perhaps we can work on these types of issues together?