Interactive Book


I have just released my interactive book to the marketplace. Please check it out.

Demo: Interactive Book Demo - THATLITTLESPIDER

**Features : **


  • Pick up pages, Set pickup specific book, Set specific index


  • Pick up book, Go to next/previous page, Instantly turn to page, Auto turn to page, Drop book, Hide/Show book, Physics, Set Book Size, Book stacking Actor

Page Material

  • Alpha, Mirror Texture, Page texture template included, Page color tint, Tileable normal map, Tileable roughness map

Page Widget

  • Widget support, Widget template included, Update Widgets real time


  • Cover color tint, Cover texture template included, Cover Color-ID for Substance Painter, Cover static mesh for Substance Painter included

Demo room

  • Character example, Books examples, Pages examples, Book Stacker examples, Widgets examples, Widgets interaction examples
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it’s hard work, but you’re great!