Interactive bathroom visualisation (first finished UE4 project)

Hello all on this last day of 2015,

A couple months ago i started playing with UE4, as a noob in software development i really liked the blueprint system to make things interacitve.
Now i’m proud to present my first finished UE4 project to you.

I made this bathroom with the possibilities to change furniture, colors and wall textures.
It is also compatible with Oculus Rift, however i still need to make a video of that.

Please let me know what you think of it.

That bathroom needs a jacuzzi ASAP :smiley:

Good work, it would be nice to have interactive taps too.

Well, who knows i might add that function later on… i made the blueprints so it was easy to modify and add functionality.
But for now i had enough of this one and i’m working on something completly different.

Lack of shadows, objects don’t look blended with the scene. Nice touch with the ability to change objects, not seen than before.

Good work, can you tell us about the mesh replacement script ?? I’m trying to do the same thing, but with architecture facades. There is 2 solutions I found:
1-toggle the visibility of the mesh ( the results I get with this method are pretty messy )
2-destroy actor/spawn actor

What do you mean with lack of shadows?
And the nog blended with the scene comes because the changable objects can’t have build lighting unfortunatly.

Bath, stool, toilet and sink unit stand out from the scene. Did you use global illumination ?

I did use Global Illumination, but those objects are Moveable… and don’t have built lightmaps.

I didn’t know how to make them blend more with the rest.

Ahh, that would explain it, in that case great job.