Interactive assets.

I don’t know if that title is correct but you get it :slight_smile: . I want to make for my game, some collectible stars, which will be used to jump into a new level. I found some tutorials about how to enter in a new level, but I don’t know how to link the stars to that action. For example, you need to find 3 stars to open the new level. I tried to use from “Shooting Game” sample, that ammo spawners but did not work. Can you help me?


I think this very usefull tutorial for you:

That should be pretty easy :slight_smile:

  1. create a star bp -> - YouTube
  2. create a int variable in your character bp and create the following nodes:


  1. now in the star bp you will have to increase the value of the int variable -> so from the overlap node you will have to cast to your character bp - then get and set the int variable from the character bp - when the player touches the star it will get the int variable and add a +1 to it

Thank you for support. Both tutorials are great. But I have a question for fighter5347 . In last image where do I get “OnComponentBeginOverlap” because I have only this

and I can’t find that set from the end.

-on component begin overlap -> I get it from the trigger volume which I added in the component tab of the “star actor blueprint”. There you have to click on the trigger/volume and on the right side of the screen (properties) you can find a button which will create you the node.

-the set -> you can also get it from the cast node (like you did it with the get) :slight_smile:

That sounds a little strange but there are no “set”. I tried to find manually, I understood that " set " is in Utilities/Array/Set but I did not found it. Probably I miss something.

Just search for your int variable and at the bottom of the search field you can see the variable name + get/set :slight_smile:

It’s working. Thank you, and sorry for the problem with “set”. The problem was the variable, I create a new one and everything worked fine.

I bring this topic to life because I want to implement a loading screen, based on this loading transfer. I followed this tutorial but i didn’t manage to link it for my tipe of level transfer ( counter ). How can I do that?