Interactive Art Gallery... Or is it

Here is an interactive art gallery I’ll be working on. I also invested in the Occulus to walk around in the world. The level is basic as of now just to test some lighting and such, but I plan to do a complete overhaul soon!

More details as time goes on! Here are some images, and video. The images are going to be paintings on the wall, that… well right now they are just going to be paintings on a wall. :slight_smile: heheheehehahahahahahmwahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH

Nice! Can’t wait to see your creature illustration aesthetic come to life in 3D… well, not to “life”, because these are just going to be statues, right? :wink:

BTW, are you still working on that labyrinth project? That looked amazing…

Lab is on hold as I learn UE4 more! But yea… that could be awesome!

Video Diary 2

New monster statue! Oculus works well! and new development of the environment!

Video Diary 3

Latest video diary! I have added a new statue, zooming, machines, and sounds!