Interactive archviz

this is the first time that I finish one of my personal projects… and there you have it :smiley:

Is an “archviz demo-scene” where users can change materials and play with the lighting in realtime( i know, its not a big a deal… but it was a completely headache for me… especially the blueprints thing)
if someone want to try it, the packaged project can be download from here

Any suggestions, comments or criticism are welcome

also i have a couple of questions ( (also it’s the first time that I packaged something… I could have missed something)

  • ¿ why takes so long to load ?
  • ¿why its not showing up the unreal splash screen?
  • and finally ¿ why it’s so big (almost 3GB uncompressed) ?

Hi fmeneses,
I downloaded and saw your project, I’m used to see “animations” and “walkable” areas in this Forum, never saw this kind of project (static view with interactivity),the idea of the animated shadows from the foliage it’s really cool and brings the overall look into another level…really well done!!, For me the result is pretty realistic…maybe the dark areas are little way too dark, but it’s just a personal taste.
Seems that the lighting is dinamic (because when I switch on the wall lights the illumination generate little gairny onto the surface wall for short time and then stops)…but I know really few of Unreal so maybe what I’m saying it’s not correct.
Give us (…I need a lot of “hint”) some information about how you reach that mood in your project.

Cheers, Paolo

Hi fmeneses, nice project
About its size, did you compile it with the Starter Content? That grows its size around 1gb+. Then, you can always check textures, resize them or convert them to jpg instead of png if you are not using alpha channels