Interactive Archvis and 360º Proof of Concept

For the last weeks i´v been working in a proof of concept for a client… my second project in Unreal… =)

WIP Thread:

*Unreal 4 is just amazing and quick to learn… i´m having sooooo much fun this 2 months i´v been studying it, thx Epic =)

Fantastic piece of work Camarão! I find it awesome that more and more people are using UE4 for more then just games. Great work and hope to see what future projects you decide to work on!

Amazing stuff

This is the future of design and architecture. Pretty soon learning 3d modeling/unreal engine will be involved in curriculums.

Paper 2D: Coming Soon
ArchBlocks 4D: Confirmed and Planned :-p haha jk

Thx Sean Gribbin… UE4 is really amazing and the possibilities seems to go as far as the artist imagination, i´m just starting with it and already have soooo many ideas to test… I´ll make sure to keep getting better and posting :wink:

Thank you all for the kind comments, i´m really happy with it =) Just uploaded a beta installer, if anyone wanna check it out. There are probably still a bug or 2, just let me know… the commands are simple: basic FPS for movement; interactive objects will highlight under the crosshair; TAB changes camera and activate mouse interface for changing floor and wall materials, and there is an icon on the top right that toggles night/day setup; if the games lag, “9” toggles quality pressets and “0” screen resolution…

Its nearly 1GB… O_o? I’m guessing you didn’t delete the default assets in the project? Or is the base size of a compiled project really that big?

oh… didn´t know i had to do that, i gess my hole asset library is in there then lol, i tought that he only compiled used assets… xD

Amzing work! Can you please post a download link for it to try it?

Someone deleted the installer link from the server =/ i´m doing some changes to it, and i´ll upload again soon =)

Wow, that looks amazing!

Yes, please! :slight_smile:
Keep up your awesome work!

Whoa, nice. How did you do the material change? This looks nice indeed

That looks awesome!

It would be great indeed. This is by far the best room presentation.

Great stuff!

So… we have to wait for re uploading again… :cool:

I’m very curious to test it, could you please re-upload the scene?

Also very interested in trying this.

EDIT: Also about that water, how did you get the reflections to work correctly while still having transparency? I tried using depthfade and it just didn’t work.

Interesting concept! Can’t wait to see where it takes ya!

Good work! So you still didn’t reupload it? :frowning:

The highlight effects are very cool and make this presentation come alive!