Interactive apartment

Hello guys!

Here are some stills from my latest project. I’m working on some new interactions.

Also I’m working on a new lighting workflow, trying to reach the quality from vray scenes.
I will post a video soon!

I’m starting to hate you rafael! :slight_smile: outstanding work!

You know what? I think you are there as far as I’m concerned it is more than good enough especially if you can do real time with that set up - great job. My only critique is the floor looks too glossy because it has a lot of bump to it.

Please share anything you feel like as far as your work flow.

I am with RI3DVIZ on this. Quality is almost as per of high quality Vray renders, there are certain limitations but I think they are of Unreal’s own like good reflection and refraction interpolation…other then that this looks good. Floor can be better.

great work! I like the subtle incandescent light hitting the ceiling-

Great work!!! :smiley:

I really liked. But you can add a light bulb reflections.

Outstanding as usual, my only advice would be to completely remove the normal map on the floor material if you’re trying to achieve the polish concrete look.

Thanks guys!

There is no normal bump in the floor material. Unfortunately, this noisy effect is from an issue from SSR reflection and I have to figure out how to fix it.

More shots

Nice work!! Unfortunately i cant give any advice as my work is nowhere near the same standard.
So that leads me to asking… when can we expect a tutorial from you :cool:

Great job as usual. What kind of new interactions are you thinking about?

Can you share at least some parts of the new workflow? No need to make a step by step guide but throw us some bones here.

Also how long did it take to build the lighting and what system are you using?

Robbie222, well, things like take a picture from your scene, change colors on a RGB scale, change de material rougness and so some others things.

The lighting took about 40 or 50 minutes, I don’t remember exactly. I’m preparing some video-lessons that will explain my workflow step-by-step.

Here is the cinematic:

Always great, man! 1h is a real nice time for that kind of quality you get there…
Would you mind to share some screens with lighting only :D?

Ps: this is hands down already better than many Vray renders out there!

Looking forward to this! I’m so very close to getting decent results but something just isn’t right in my workflow.

1-hour build is impressive. I was able to chop down 6 hours (from 11h) of build time just by removing 2 high poly static plants in my scene. I was stunned when I discovered this.

Thanks for answering. I am more interested in the lighting techniques. The shaders look good but that’s easy to achieve. That lighting though …not so much. Could you make a breakdown of your lightning settings for this scene?

1h build time is a lot less than I expected, what system are you using?

Probably more than 1 computer :stuck_out_tongue:
My project takes 5 hours, on 2 computers.

Here it is :

From my experience with other render engines, I could tell, Lightmass is better and faster than the famous biased solution from vray (IrrMap + Light Cache) and such good as unbiased methods (Bruteforce).

It took 40-50 mins for rendering, in a Dual-Xeon 2670 v3 - 32 GB Ram

Yea lol 24 cores 48 thread. Wish I had that horsepower! But for a 3d studio it’s to be expected.

And yes lightmass is pretty bad *** when you crank the settings. I love it!

Noise in reflective materials is the biggest bummer right now imo.

nice work rafa!

i’ve got a question regarding your assets. are those high poly models?
if so: is it possible to run 30fps realtime demos with these?

cheers and keep up with the good work

ps: assuming you didn’t make those models, how long did it take you to do the uv maps; making them ue4 ready