Interactive animation question

Hi there!

I am very new to unreal engine 4, to be more precisely I just started with some basics and working with animation (because my main ocupation is animation)

SO i wanted to create some interactive project using unreal, but i have no idea if there’s a posibility to share my work with someone doesn’ neceserilly have unreal – is there any way to export it so that other people can play it?

Will be gratefull for you help!

Hi lalun92, welcome to Unreal Engine! So do you want to share your Unreal Engine work with other people? Or you animation work inside Unreal? If it’s just the animations, you can find your animation files and right mouse click and export / bulk export to FBX. Let me know if you have something else in mind?

Hi ! I want create sth like 3 rd person game and send this to somebody , but not like video but game were somebody can play :slight_smile: it’s possible ??