Interactive Animation for in-game interaction

Hello everybody,
I would like to know the procedures or ways to do interactive animation with other actors in UE4.
What I’m trying to do is - I want my character to interactive animations (such as grabbing the door handle with his hand, literally picking up objects with grabbing animation)…
I have my character fully rigged with all the fingers.
I want to know how to implement those and what I would need to put them together to work.

You will have to use an IK setup for such kind of stuff -> :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and setup the IK on a ThirdPersonMannequin.
However, I haven’t succeeded in implementing that.
I kinda understand the calculation and setup for the IK.
But I found some things that I’m not cleared of…

In the above BP, I’m not sure about the variable “IKInterpSpeed”? By default, it will have zero value,right? So should I set it somewhere? or would it work?

In that BP too, the variables “Joint Target Right” and “Joint Target Left”, how do I work with those variables?

P.S. - i forgot how to do those “spoilers” or “hidden” tags

Hi I am working on a character too that I want to grab door handles and notes on walls. I want the hand to actually
find the target and not just grab in the air. If you had any success with your issues can you please let me know.
Thank you !!

Hey, did you manage to find a solution?

I haven’t actually gotten this far with my own game setups yet but I will definitely look into this when I get there :slight_smile: