Interactive and dynamic storytelling with UE 4

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I was wondering if someone has experience creating dynamic camera movements in Unreal 4. The same question also applys to movements done by the player character when a specific event occurs.
I’m not talking about cut-scenes appearing when you overlap a box. (The old school Final fantasy way)
I’m talking about realtime cinematic events while you’re playing. Scripted dynamic events like in Half-Life, Portal, Inside or some parts of Uncharted. And please don’t blame me for using those expensive and eccptional works as an example!
They’re milestones created to inspire noobs like me.

I really don’t like cut-scenes and I think they put you out of the experience. The essence of storytelling in games is that game and story are one and the same. That’s the only way it really works (for me at least).
And I’m talking as a filmmaker! (

I’ve discovered some really interesting articles and tutorials partially adressing the topic (mostly concentrated on dynamic camera angles and movements) but nothing explaining it from the ground up. Everytime I try something in Blueprint by myself I just suck:)

Anyone a suggestion or ready for a collaboration on a small project?

There is a forum whee you can pitch your idea, sometimes people look to join a project

For dynamic shots, i would create a second camera, and switch to it, when required. And then it depends how you want the camera to behave, can the “player” still affect camera movement, or should the camera move per blueprint code?

Though you need a trigger to start dynamic camera, and those can be started by the trigger volume, or you could start it randomly via blueprint code.

I’ve little tolerance for games that have inescapable cut-scenes, is it high art or is it just bloat???
Same goes for games that lack a get-into-the-action-quick option, there’s too much hand holding…

VR has brought along new options to give hints to the audience without the usual cinematic headlock.
You can throw a sound at gamers making them turn around, flash / bang type narrative pointers etc.

But what I like the most is exposition that’s delivered whilst you do something else in-game.
GTA always overdoes this, such as being a passenger in a car, but Left-for-Dead had more style.
Always keep the exposition minimal and deliver it during loadout / while you suit up for action etc.

So how much experimenting have you done with Matinee / Sequencer / Timeline and Cameras etc?
You can always subtly (temporarily) nudge a player’s camera using those with minimal voice-over…

Thx :slight_smile:

But what about for example dynamic character animation? How do I tell a “cup of tea”-blueprint object that an interaction with the player will trigger a “picking tea up and drinking it”-animation and that while the game character is drinking the tea he is still able to walk around the game world? And how do I tell other blueprint objects around the cup of tea, like a piece of toast they shouldn’t trigger a “toast”-eating animation while the character is drinking his tea or eating his cereal or whatever.

Still at the very beginning when it comes to interactive things (assets and rigs are done). I want to focus on something very small but make it very interactive and very detailed.
But I have no idea how to combine scripted event and gameplay smoothly or how to make a scripted event interactive to the player.

Yes it’s easy to make a helicopter depart when you hit a certain trigger but I’m aiming at combining that with player character animation as well as camera animation.

Why not download infiltrator / elemental etc, and take the cinematics apart?
Checkout some of the “blueprint communication” threads for syncing the events.

Create a trigger box and when player overlaps play the Level Sequencer?
I have a plugin for interactive story type of games. I used Level Sequencer a lot.