Interactive 3D International L.L.C. - Production Studios

Interactive 3D International L.L.C. is comprised of top professionals that work in all areas of the technology industry. We carry the contracts for Americas largest technology infrastructure company. We are comprised of hardware technicians, software developers and dedicated 3D artists, and developers in Unreal and Unity. We provide web hosting, I.T. administration, medical records hosting and are looking to develop for you at prices you can afford. A big part of our company is saving businesses and individuals money. We have one location in the Philippines and are looking to branch out into other countries as we engage in developing industry leading multimedia applications, continue to perform in home computer repair and manufacture custom built computers. We also provide managed servers with GPU acceleration and can offer anything at the lowest prices. We are competitive, not all prices are fixed. If you need custom art our artists can produce anything using Substance, Speed Tree, iClone 7, and blender. Prices on art vary depending on licencing, we offer a license that allows you to deploy the work in games or buy the product outright. Our top C.E.O. has been in the computer field 25+ years, programs in six languages, has studied computer graphics and development from directx, opengl, to vulkan, is a professional in Unreal and Unity. Our engineers specialize in physics and many scientific fields that can be applied to any application you are looking to develop. Let us work for you.

You may contact us during our regular business hours M-F 9 - 9 and Saturday 10 - 6.

Contact our shop direct at (715) 895-6650.