Interactions (navigation) customized

Guys, I was wondering if anyone feels the same as I about switching forth and back between 3D package and UE.
I think it would be great if we could customize UE’s navigation so it would work EXACTLY as our favorite 3D package. Especially that UE navigation is really poor in my opinion.

Thank you.

+1 Just for AZERTY Keyboard.

SmallB i use UE4 like Maya
Select Object ,
– Hit F (look at selection) => like Maya or 3dsMax or Cinema4D
– ALT + left Click (Turn Around Selection) => like Maya or 3dsMax or Cinema4D
– Alt + Right Click (Zoom) => like Maya or 3dsMax or Cinema4D
– Alt + Middle Click (PAN) =>like Maya or 3dsMax or Cinema4D

But using : w , a, d, s :frowning:

Hi, I use Blender, and I would really like to have that option of navigation in UE4.

I use Maya from time to time and yes, it is OK software, but navigation is not as good as Blender (personal opinion of course).
I use 3DsMax, and I literally hate every second of work with this software.

Thank you for your tips though. I’ll try them.

Thank you for your reply.