Interaction stops working for other objects after using it

I’m having a problem where I have 2 actor blueprints (a door and a cabinet) which are interacted with the R key but as soon as I interact with one of them the other one stops working. More precisely, as soon a I enter the collision for the door, which casts to my character the cabinet stops working.

In short, I’d like to know what I’m doing which causes this behaviour, I believe the problem is within those images.

Thanks for reading!

I think you need to click the interaction node and, in the details, uncheck ‘consume input’.

I did that at some point and it corrected another error I had at the time but what I described still happens.

I notice you’re setting ‘can open’ to false ( after first use ), but it never gets set back to true.

I couldn’t include the whole blueprint because it’s pretty long but I set it back to true whenver my line trace fails or right after the opening/closing animation finishes.
I do suspect that the problem lies within that variable but I mostly just don’t undestand the interaction with this blueprint and the other one which causes the problem.
On a side note, as long as I don’t go into the collision which lets me open the door I can use the cabinet perfectly as intended.