Interaction profile in OpenXR Plugin not a valid String?

:wave: Hello there,
on trying to create some custom controller meshes (with custom sockets/materials) for our virtual reality project, I encountered a weird behavior when trying to select the correct mesh based on the currently used XR Device/interaction profile. Engine Version is 5.1.1.

First I am getting the current interaction profile path which is a String and save that in a variable for further use.

Based on the Hand I (try to) append β€œl”/β€œr” to the interaction profile string (where I got rid of the unnecessary long path) and use that string to select the correct mesh out of a String/Static Mesh map.

What happens: The find for the map value always returns false even if I copy paste the output path from the console directly as map key. Also, the append after the path doesn’t work!
I initially appended the β€œl”/β€œr” strings to the end of the interaction profile path which just didn’t work. It seems there is something odd about the returned string from interaction profiles?

Further tests showed that not even a direct append to a debug print from the returned interaction profile works.

Anyone seen some similar behaviour and/or successfully implemented interaction profiles? :thinking:

Hope someone is able to help with this one!

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After further testing using the VR Template it seems to be indeed a bug in 5.1 (which is fixed in 5.2).

This same functionality inside the VR_Pawn prints in



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