Interaction object

So I am planning on making a educational game, that lets you interact with objects and it will start a sequence with voiceover explaining this about the object and making the camera pan over it and then returning to the player camera. But I was wondering if you could also add a way to let you stop it at any given moment and when you revisit the object and interact with it again it let’s you get the option of continueing where you left off or start over.
Anyone got an idea on how to pull that off? I know I am asking much, But I realy don’t know how to get everything that I want working.

Put audio component on you object that will play dialog, with audio component you can pause and resume the sound in audio component using this node:

Aah ok so when you have that node can you also when they try and unpause it have a little audio of a different file play and then unpause the audio? something that would say: “aah ok so you want to continue where we left off?” and then let the audio continue.

Might be overkill, but you could try and use Sequences which control camera, audio, and many other things, and just start the sequence where it left off. I haven’t done much with Sequences but what I hope is that it will move your camera AND audio to the point where it left off.

I wonder if the new audio system lets you pause sound cue playback or at least store where the playback time is at, and play the sound from that point later…

well ofcorse, you can code it like that

Well I was planning on doing it with sequences but the problem with that for me as well is that I have almost 0% with it. So I am not sure if I can get a 100% use out of the things you can do with it, But I guess I will have to get the documentation and example project of epic to see what my possibilities are.

In that case firsr find out whether sound cues or sound waves can pause or tell you what theirncurrent playback time is, and if they allow you to play from a specified start time (that would let you create your own pause functionality if it doesn’t have its own.)