Interacting with Widget ingame with mouse

Hey folks.

So I have it so the player can interact with computers within the game. HOWEVER, while I have got it so the camera moves in to focus on the computers screen when its interacted with and the mouse is enabled, I cannot get it so the mouse can interact with the widget.

The image I have attacched should make it clearer what I mean.

Now I am not entirely ignorant of unreal engine updates and I am aware that in 4.13 they changed it so you cannot click directly on Widgets, hence, I am wondering what I should do. Normally I would spend some time working this out myself but I simply do not have the time at the moment to do so hence I am turning to you knowledgeable folks :).

(Maybe attatch an interaction component to the player then forward the input to the interaction component??? Not entirely sure how I would implement that?)

Try setting a beginplay node on the BP that calls the UMG/Widget and set input mode to Game & UI?

Hello WillApted,

I have provided a couple of links that I believe will get you pointed in the right direction. I would suggest setting the source for the widget interaction component to “Mouse” and then set up the Press Pointer Key and the Release Pointer Key to use the Mouse events as needed. I hope this information helps.

Docs: UMG Widget Interaction Components in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Other Thread: 3D UMG widget stopped working in 4.13 - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

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Alright, thanks lol. I had actually tried almost as suggested… just hadnt set the interaction source as ‘mouse’… derp. Sometimes I feel c++ would just be more simple :D…

For others out there, here is a quick throw together so you know a crude solution :P: