Interacting With Collectible Disables Trace

I finally have a Collectible set up where the Player can click onto it using Trace and it appears on screen while disabling the Player Input (Movement and Camera but Enabling the “Use” Key so it can be pressed to erase the Widget, re-enable input, and destroy the collectible). This works the way it is supposed to but for some reason ends up disabling my Trace and I cannot interact with anything else using Trace. If the actions are set to “Released”, then Trace still works but the actions are immediately executed unless you hold down the key. I’ve tried a bunch of things but nothing seems to work the way I would like while keeping Trace working afterward.


At your inputAction Use, disable input to self first… then enable the character input.

It always ends up being something simple. Tried it out and all set now. Thank you very much for your help with my past few posts!