Interacting with action key

Hi there I’m trying to interact with objects that is successful, but when am away from the object and when I spam my action key it triggers them without me being in the collision.
Can anyone help me :slight_smile:

gate issue.png


You probably need to make this in the door Blueprint instead of your character blue print. It can’t check for the collison of your door/gate unless it is in that blueprint. The other way would be to cast to your door blueprint and make a variable for the cast then using the casted variable access the trigger volume for the door to look for the key.

Hi Dragon I was following the tutorial that was made by Telsa Dev which is Intractable button within collision. I’m not really sure if you mean the Character Blueprint but this is done in Level Blueprint and I also tried using Blueprint object themselves but no luck :frowning:

I’m just wondering when I do spam the action key at some point it doesn’t trigger it randomly does it, this what confuses me. Apology for my noobishness skill :slight_smile:

Could I see a example of blueprints how other did theirs?

This is the one I used