Interacting with a Pawn using blueprints

Apparently you can’t add an “enable input” to a Pawn, it doesn’t read the input if you are not possessing it. How do you create an interaction between the player pawn and another pawn using blueprints?

What kind of interaction you want mate? There are several project template that tell you the basic of interact between your actor and the other pawn, such as Puzzle, Endless Runner with blueprint, Turn Based Strategy, Couch knights,…

As I said, I’m trying to make another pawn receive an input from the player. As in “enable the input from the player that can be read by a non-player-pawn”. It should be something simple, but my reason to post the question here is that the Enable Input doesn’t work on a pawn like it would on a normal blueprint object. I just want to know why and how to make it work. Is that clear?

Hello brunogruber,

Enabling input on a pawn that you’re not possessing is best done by the illusion that the input is on the pawn, but is actually coming from the player controller / character. There are a multitude of ways that would be more/less efficient and easier/harder to set up, but they all depend on what your end goal is.

Are there multiple instances of this pawn’s class? If not, you could do a GetAllActorsOfClass and set it to search for your pawn’s class, giving you a reference to it. Does the controlled character have to look at the pawn for this input to be given? If so, you could use a linetrace to get a reference to that pawn and then make your changes to the pawn using that.

It would be helpful, as CKong stated, to get more information about what you intend to do to best give you an answer.