Interacting with a distorted widget

Hi all,

I recently made an effect material to distort my widget slightly, and I applied it through a retainer box. My hierarchy was like this:

Canvas Panel - Retainer Box with Effect - Canvas Panel - All my other widgets.

The problem is when I run my game events like Mouse Hover and Mouse Click are all out of line with my widgets. So if I have a button with a mouse hover event, I might hover my mouse underneath it and it would activate, or I might hover my mouse on it and nothing happens. Basically, the hitboxes for the buttons are not being affected by the distortion like everything else.

What can I do to fix this?


I am not sure why your problem is happening but when it happened to me i could fix it by enforcing that the game was running in a supported resolution (you can get a list of those during runtime from the object returned by the Get Game Settings node)

Try add a boarder, set it’s alpha to 0 and tried to interact with it instead? You can tried to set it up like this:

Canvas Panel - (Retainer Box with Effect + Border) - Canvas Panel - All my other widgets.

Set the border to the same size as the retainer box, then tried to fired up event when your cursor hovered above the border.