Interacting with 360 videos using Leap Motion

Dell asked me and a small film team to come up with “something innovative and cool”. Last year, we produced a virtual reality experience, but everyone is doing that now. They really wanted to stand out from everyone else this year and want to do something really different from everyone else. So, I had the idea of dusting off my Leap Motion device and combining that with 360 videos and turning the video experience into an interactive experience rather than a passive viewing experience. I wanted to get people involved as participants with the content using their hands and only their hands and change the way people interface with computers and content. I tried to design the content and interactions to fit inline with the overall message of the content. Here is a functional video demonstrating this:

I’m still working out some of the usability kinks and continuing to develop the toolset for interfacing with interactive content. Anyways, I think there could be a lot of broad uses for an app like this.