Interactable Button text render Bug??

SO im folloiwing tesla dev videos on youtube and im at the interactable button video.
In tht for the final output im not getting the text render to appear in game.
what am i doing wrong here.

visible is set off for the text.

I’m not the greatest with Blueprints yet, I’m more of a C++ guy. But i’ll take a stab in the dark here. with the logic that is displayed within the few pictures you shown me, I can see that everything should work. However, the INT Trigger might be the cause of your problem. Maybe the default value is incorrect. I’m not sure what the guy in the tutorial set’s the value at, but make sure it’s set to something other than 0. If set to 0, the result will return with a false boolean. Making the result = false. If it’s 1+ it should result with a = true boolean. If that doesn’t work try unplugging your ActorEnd Overlap node from the Branch node. See if maybe the End node is conflicting with the Begin node. Sometimes, unless programmed otherwise, in C++, without stating that a True boolean does 1 thing and false does another, the program results in the dominant value (which in most cases is 0, which in turn is false) So try ensuring your INT Trigger is = 1. OR you ActorEnd function is plugged into something other than the same socket as your ActorBegin. If none of this helps, I apologize, I’m not the greatest with Blueprints yet.

Thnak you for your reply

First of all, both the Booleans and the branch are completely unnecessary. Just have the overlaps link directly into the toggles.
Second, you should be using set visibility instead of toggle visibility, to avoid errors.
All you need is Begin/End Overlap > Set Visibility (and possibly call button, though I have no clue what that’s supposed to be doing)
The Boolean/branch would only be needed if you were activating them from somewhere else in the blueprint. And the toggle is just used when you have a single trigger, like pressing E; not when you have definite on/off events like that.
Since everything else actually seems okay, try seeing if changing those fixes it.

Thank you very much that solved it!!!