Interact with blueprints

Hello! i’m very newbie of unreal and just begin to understanding basis.

I have to made scene with several movable object (blueprint class BSS_SPOT_01 with movable parts (each part of BSS_SPOT_01 contol independently) and want to contol it from external software via MIDI.

For one object everything works great. But if i use several objects using same blue print i stucked with no idea how to derminate “address” (maybe ID name) of objects which using parent blueprint with moving logic (BSS_SPOT_01)


I mean how to send object ID and other conrolled vaibles to BSS_SPOT_01 blue print.

It looks like you’ve made multiple copies of the BP in the content browser. That’s not the idea. Just have one copy, and drag it many times into your level, this will create instances of the BP, which is what you want.

You can give each of them an ID, which is just an integer variable which you can make visible in the editor:

As you can see, my cameras look AMAZING :wink: but the point is I made them by just ALT-dragging in then editor and just changing the ID variable.

I don’t know exactly how you talk to them with midi, but I think the ID is going to help.

I think, as a Newbie, you should start by learning, what Variables, Instances, editable/private, events and such are… Or, Blueprints…

Here a good Video Playlist to start with: