Interact with a NPC don't firing the event


I have a problem when trying to get my playable character to interact with a npc. The character that are playable are of the type Character and that are also the npc. I’m stuck at this and need some advice to tackle this problem. What are the most correct way to get an event to firing so that the npc and the player starts to talk? For now I’m using “Print String”, see the picture above. When entering the npc’s hitbox it prints “Hello” and when leaving “Goodby”. But the most important for this are the string “Button”. In this [video][2] does it show what are happening instead. This piece of code is inside the npc blueprint.

I need help to solve the problem that the event “Interact” is not firing.

/Thanks in advance.

Hello NordicGamer,

Do you have any other instance of the interact event being ran anywhere? A common error with input failure is “Consume Input” is checked in the options for that event, which can override any other call of that input.


I’m sorry I have had other things that have come in the way. No I don’t and I tried but it did not work. Thanks anyway!