Inter-Species Breeding

I’m wondering - is it possible to setup a mod that would allow interspecies breeding? I’ve been using a mod on my server that has overwritten default NPCs like the Argentavis (the blueprint is something like Argent_Character_BP_OldModName). Their mod is now out of date and I’m planning to make a similar mod with a few friends that fixes most of the issues for use on our unofficial server. We have worked out how to create a new Argentavis and make it do what we want - we have called it Argent_Character_BP_NewModName. We have also worked out how to make this new Argentavis spawn in the wild - hurrah!

BUT it is going to cause a serious issue as Argent_Character_BP_OldModName type Argentavis are unable to be mate boosted or to mate with Argent_Character_BP_NewModName. This means that all newly tamed dinosaurs and their offspring will never be able to breed with any Argentavis tamed before our change.

Is there a way to allow breeding between two dinosaurs that are not of the same Character Blueprint? Any instructions about how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Since this is our mod we can define the type of egg that is laid so that future babies are of the Argent_Character_BP_NewModName. The stumbling block is how to get them to breed and be mate boosted in the first place…

I wondered about doing something like the pokeball mod where an item could be used that destroyed an existing dino (after reading its stats, colors, level, xp, etc) and then respawned it with the same stats/colors/level/xp/etc but as a character of the new character blueprint. Might that work or is that a crazy way to approach it?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Anyone? :rolleyes:

Bumping this again… Let me ask a different question:
Based on your knowledge of the way Ark is setup is having creatures of different blueprint classes being mate boosted by each other or breeding going to be impossible?