Inter Process Communication between My Unreal Simulation and My Other Process

Firstly, I apologize for my english.

my problem is communicating with my server program. I have Arduino and it is doing some mechanical things controling motors getting a sensor values etc. So I write a program that takes all data with serial communication parsing and showing some graphics and thats all works fine. I want Simulate (illustrate) on Unreal engine whats happening. So I design scene on Unreal Engine but I cant send real datas to my Unreal Engine process . I want to use fifo (named pipes). I am creating a fifo from server prog. but ı dont know how ı can open that fifo in unreal engine and ı don’t know how ı update new datas.

I did some research about Inter process communication . I can’t find anything about fifo and Unreal Engine. one of post advises Socket or Shared Memory but My Project should run windows and on linux. So I want to use more simple way to this.

Thanks For any help and advises.

Can you communicate with your server via network sockets? If so, check out one of Rama’s tutorials.

if you are using serial com then you already own the best way to parse your data inside UE, you have 2 options, use this plugin from 1 community guy wich is the most simple way:! or build your own, you might watch some example to serial com in c++ from arduino’s forum

yes ı can communicate . ı can send data to network. I can see datas on telnet testing.

Actually system works like that

#####serial ####### Socket
arduino--------> interface ---------> Unreal Engine

and ı can’t use some standard libraries. ı want to use sprintf for parsing in a simple way.

mmm like ScottMichaud said, UE is just able to handle connection via UPD or TCP connections, and if you want parse your information, UE has in-build tools for everything, char* to FString or FName or FText, and parsers and data management for each type, you should be able to send your raw data through your interface and then to UE