inter-mod communication

Hi, I have some questions about the possibility of inter-mod communication.

Can I build a small mod that calls functions in my main mod, sort of a link mod I guess. And then share the source to the small mod so that other peoples mods can call functions in my mod?

But as I see it for that to work my main mod would need to be installed in the dev kit wouldn’t it? Otherwise how would they use the link mod? Would the link mod even compile with out the main mod?

And would mod install order matter on the server for this to work?

Is any of this possible?

It really depends on what you’re talking about, you’re incredibly vague… Your best bet is to read up on UE4 as opposed to this forum. You can “talk to” another Mod ID as long as the specified path is correct (Such as “/Mods/LargeCharacter” making a reference to “/Mods/LargeBoat/LargeChair”) and of course both mods are installed. They will run independently of eachother, so it’s the same as all other mods: if both mods do something that require priority, whoever is first has first dibs.

But anyway, you’re talking about linking functions from mod to mod… Your best bet is to do a little research on blueprint communication and global functions and let us know what you come up with.

A good example of cross-mod communication would be a stack mod. I run the Gas Forge on my server. If I wanted to, in my stack mod I could say “replace /mods/gasforge/metalingot with /mods/stackmod/metalingot” and it would work.