Intense action, Third Person Shooting Game

My fellow developers

I’ve been working on a prototype for the past 10 weeks with 4 of my fellow University students. The Name of the game is Peek-A-Ball and the aim of the game is to capture an objective on the map in the shape of a ball and hold onto it for as-long as possible.

The entirety of this prototype was developed by** 3 Programmers, 1 Environmental Artist and A 2D Artist. This prototype has been written entirely in C++.** The project was developed with the aspirations of winning the UK Games Fund Tranzfuser Competition, and in turn generating the funding to get the game up to release standard. The prototype has been developed to be played on a network and we have iterations of the build that play on LAN.

The prototype will be showcased at Euro-gamer* Birmingham, UK*. We look forward to meeting anybody who is attending the event.

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