Intel's compiler is incapable of building UE4

Just to give heads up for anybody who like I would like to use intel’s c++ compiler with UE4. Don’t waste time like I did.
Official word from Intel’s representative:

“At this moment in time, intel’s compiler is incapable of building UE4”

What a shame. And such a disappointment as they claim that their compiler is such high quality.

Currently there are some efforts in supporting it ^^
Long live this community!

Hi, This link you’ve provided doesn’t work

The link is fine - make sure you are logged into Github.

FYI, I pinged some folks internally about this and whether we can reach out to the Intel guys to maintain the integration of their compiler into the engine.

That would be really awsome!

Thanks Daniel

Any particular reason you’d want to use the Intel compiler?

Two comes to mind immediately:

  1. Far superior C++11 standard compliance
  2. Code generated by intel’s compiler runs roughly from 20% to 50% faster than the one produced by Microsoft’s c++ compiler.

Only matters for C++/performance lovers.

From what I’ve seen on this forum, none seem to be the case here. People (seem like) are not bothered by performance nor language they are using. Which is fine with me.

But for me personally:

  1. The better performance the happier I am.
  2. The better conformance to latest standard the happier I am.

I wanted to comment on this point to set proper expectations. In our tests with UE2 and UE3 the engine didn’t perform noticeably better when compiled with the Intel C++ compiler so I wouldn’t expect dramatic improvements. I’ll gladly be proven wrong and am looking forward to seeing the results though :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,
That’s somewhat good news for me :wink:
Less trouble with switching to not officially supported by Epic compiler, and the VS2015 comes with pretty decent C++11 conformance. So yes, good news.

Thank you for that info.

In my ideal world the engine is portable enough so we can support all (modern) compilers on all supported platforms and make it easy for folks to switch and play. I would love for compiler vendors and projects to use the engine to test their code generation quality and most important to us, the code generation time :slight_smile:

@Daniel Vogel
Yes, agreed.

I have to say that I am kind of disappointed with intel’s inability to actually build UE4. Intel’s compiler can compile UE4 (with two minor changes), but the problem is with their xilink - linker.

Anyway, I’d love to have that possibility to use this compiler with UE4 but as for now I don’t think it will come to anything.
I’ve contacted intel’s tech support, found it unhelpful to say the least and I believe totally uninterested in their product being able to build UE4.

Anyway, good chatting to you Daniel.

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

Best Regards