I have been playing with this engine since 4.3 was released I believe. In the last couple months I have now finally started to create my own game. I have seen the amazing changes happen in the editor like slates and other great features. However, one thing I almost never see changing is the intellisense functionality/incorporation ease. As a programmer, I know the benifits of using c++ over blueprints, but I am always worried as a I code. I have had countless times where I have had the project not able to build, comment out all my changes, sucessfully run, re put in my changes, and it works just fine. As of right now, as I am writing this, I am fighting with it to recognize my function declaration and parameter changes. It almost seems like the engine’s intellisense is running in a certain order, and if you are playing with files that do not go in that order, you can’t do anything, or you are spending alot of precious time fighting it. It is also extremely slow, but I know this is because of the large amount of source.

I will admit that I not that great at C++, but I am a professional VB.NET/SQL/C# programmer, and I have been doing this for a few years. I understand that trying to overide microsoft’s intellisense is challenging. So might I suggest an option to shut off the engine’s for those who have more experience programming? Maybe even have it start with the game project folder being that is where majority of the changes occur first?

So as you guys are doing amazing work on the editor, don’t forget about the backend developers haha.

I’m not sure what you question is but Intellisense is Microsoft’s code completion tool for visual studio. The default Intellisense is extremely slow (unacceptable for production) as you have discovered yourself. The normal solution in big c++ projects is to buy Visual Assist plugin from Whole Tomato. It’s basically an other code completion tool for Visual Studio. Unfortunately it also has its flaws but it’s being updated a few times a year (especially when it comes to macros and new c++ features). It also has other nice features which can speed up c++ development drastically. Worth to mention is that the new Intellisense for VS 2015 will be improved and should be able to handle larger projects according to Microsoft.

I could also be the unreal header tool causing problems. Either way there is something other than ms’s out of box intellisense.

Correct me if I understood you wrong but I actually doubt that EPIC have developed some Intellisense features. Also as far as I know, code completion tools must be installed to VS so they doesn’t come with the project itself. But again I don’t know for sure if that’s possible or not. The unreal header tool however can absolutely result in some poor code completion since the headers are first generated when you build the project. Most of the time Visual Assist will find the relevant files anyway before the header generation, I don’t know about the default Intellisense. Basically, programing c++ in VS without a third party code completion tool is probably a waist of time. Hopefully this changes in VS 2015 but don’t hold your breath.

in your project settings go to the NMake section then under IntelliSense/AdditionalOptions try adding /Yu

not sure if it will make a lot of difference but i read somewhere that it helps?

Building and intellisense are entirely unrelated. As undercover says, intellisense is generally pretty terrible, and the nature of the unreal build system and its source generation makes it worse. But that will never lead to your project not building.

I have had troubles lately with the unreal header tool not recreating generated headers when it should, but only with engine source modifications, never with standard UE4 projects.

I constitly hear that VisualAssist makes things better