Intellisense speed. It's just too unusable. Any ideas?

I have been trying for the past year to use Unreal Engine.

When I am trying to code in C++, I am waiting sometimes 1 minute for an intellisense prompt to pop up in visual studio. This isn’t a problem if it would remain there from then on, but if I go add a new method in the header or something then come back into the cpp file again, i’m watiing another minute… sometimes it just doesn’t come up.

Due to this, i’m finding the unreal engine unusable… Trying to learn which functions are available to me is overwhelming when i must consistently wait for VS intellisense.

I understand this isn’t Unreal Engine’s fault… but please, offer me advice. I’ve already opened up a new VS C++ project for DirectX and XAML app about 2 hours ago and have achieved more in it than i have in UE 4 in the past year. :frowning:

Any help would be SO welcome!

The solution is Visual assist , you can try it for 30 days

Or update your visual studio since microsoft released an update where they improved inte sense’s performance. It’s still slow but way better than it was before. (I am using VS2013)

Wow this is an awesome extension. So fast compered to intelesense. Thanks for the tip!

Right!!! I’m going to give this a try… I am already on the latest update of VS.

Yup, Visual Assist is the balls! Worth every penny.

Visual Assist is so much more than just being faster than Intellisense. The shortcuts themselves makes working with VS a breeze.

Maybe not the answer you’re looking for but you could always just open the cpp/h file for the class that you’re interested in. All the functions will be there, and if it inherits off something you can just look at the class definition for that as well. Maybe not the fastest way but definitely works. Older IDE’s didn’t have intellisense and people got by just fine.

The problem is that UE4 has a bunch of macro-generated stuff and templates. Delegates, for example, are very hard to work with without intellisense.

I’ll give you that, but based on the OP, he was commenting on not knowing which functions were available and didn’t mention delegates. I wasn’t suggesting that just looking in the cpp/h file is easier or a catch all solution, but it’s a solution. I guess in cases where users are not as familiar with C++ it might be harder to work out what the specifics of the macro generated things like you said. But again to just give up because intellisense isn’t working seems silly, IMO.

What also works is Resharper C++, although it’s rather new. Don’t know how it compares to Visual Assist since I never had the latter, but for me it works well enough. :slight_smile: