Intellisense not picking up IOnlineSubsystem

Not much to it other then that. I have my code working with the IOnlineSubsystem::Get() and it’s actually returning something other than null, haven’t gone further then that. Problem I’m having is that intellisense refuses to accept that IOnlineSubsytem exists, it just gives me squiggly lines. When I compile it, everything works fine and no errors are even thrown. Launch the game, works fine. I even went through the stuff for setting up ue4 with visual studio to no avail. I could work around this, but that would be a mega pain in the butt. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

It also gives me squiggly’s on my #include “Online.h”

Using UE4.9 with vs 2013

Of course I figure this out two minutes after posting. For anyone having the same problem, if you right click on your .uproject and generate visual studio files AFTER setting up the OnlineSubsystem, it fixes it!

Yes when you add some .lib with build system or add some plugin code you must regenerate solutions and works

cough Visual Assist X cough

Intellisense is just **** at UE in general, even when you do everything properly the results are so slow they might as well not be there. I use VisualAssist at home, but am stuck with Intellisense at work :frowning:

Yeah it just sucks with large codebases, even with VS Update 4. VAX takes a big dump on it… couldn’t work without it.