Intellisense Issue

I’ve gone through the steps to set up my VS the same way that is suggested by UE4 and have downloaded VS 2017 with the Unreal development settings.

I have an issue where when I try to use the STL it comes up with an intellisense error. The project seems to compile fine however.

Below is one of the classes that is showing these errors.


#include <vector>

#include “CoreMinimal.h”
#include “Interactable.h”
#include “Hand.generated.h”

class Card;

class SKYLINE_API AHand : public AInteractable


void PlayCard();
void DiscardCard();


std::vector&lt;Card*&gt; m_vpCards;


Don’t bother wondering about Intellisense, that stuff is buggy and slow. Try Visual Assist it may help. By the way you may want to use UE API (TArray<>) instead of STL unless you really need to.