Intellisense is very slow with UE4..

I know this is probably more of a Visual Studio issue than a UE4 one, but Intellisense is incredibly slow when working with UE4. I have to wait quite a while for possible variables and properties etc to show up while typing, making the whole coding process very slow.

Is there a way to speed this up somehow? I Know IS has issues with large C++ code-bases which is exactly what UE4 is, but is there a faster method? I’m using VS Express so I can’t use Pro Plug-ins (unless we have another pro license loitering around at work), so, any advice?


See this thread on using QT Creator with UE4. QT Creator has a much faster intellisense system and is also free.

Visual Assist continues to be the best solution for large C++ projects. We used to completely turn off the built-in Intellisense, but as of VS 2012 that causes more problems (crashes when changing configurations sometimes). So you have to eat the Intellisense update time, but just VAX for everything.

Yes, the MS VS system has been somewhat of a standard. Personally for much of my day job, it’s hard to imagine anything else. Getting into C++ tho, what an odd exercise in frustration. Not just intellisense, and it’s not just the size of the UE4 code base. I find several gripes from developers back last fall the same issues users report here on different engines. There has been no improvement, coming up on a year now.

So, two thoughts here. First, maybe it’s best to face it and consider the idea that maybe MS’s efforts on the VS product line are not going to have a lot of attention other than .Net and ASP. It might be wise to start courting another system on the side. Perhaps getting the development team behind QTcreator to consider building an add on that will auto configure for UE4 and handle new UE4 updates with ease. If not them, I’d wager there are some other editors out there who would enjoy getting a lot of new users.

Second, anyone vouch for XCode usage and performance? My old Mini won’t handle what I’d need it to do, but some years ago I fell in love with that editor. Halfway tempted to invest in a new system…but for that expense I’d have to hear quite a few raving reviews on UE4 development.

Invest in Visual Assist X by Whole Tomato Software - it has a lot of useful features, and an intellisense that works way better than the Visual Studio out-of-the-box tool.

Indeed, have looked at that, and the company license is a good price. Hundred bucks for a personal license probably isn’t bad either. It’s just…it feels like having to replace the transmission on an old car. Sure it’s cheaper than buying new. The good memories when it was new are fading, replaced by constant repair bills and an air conditioning that never gets cold like it used to…one starts to debate the value of investing into something that’s no longer satisfying.

Like a new trans, VAX is cost effective, so I may very well go that way. Still, the whole mess has me interested in car…er…editor shopping all the same. Next year, for the VS2014 or the next '15 upgrade expense, be nice to have a good alternative that’s had some time to mature nicely with UE4. Time flies, it’ll be upgrade time again before we know it.

I suspect that Visual Studio’s own intellisense won’t be superior to Visual Assist X for a while yet :slight_smile:

These are all Pro-only options though right, there’s no way to freely improve the speed of Intellisense?

It seems that way. It may be worth looking into getting a Pro version if you can. I’ve been using Visual Assist, which has been suggested here on the forums several times, and it does help. Otherwise, Qt Creator does seem like a good choice, however I have not yet tried it with UE4.