Intellisense include paths not being generated

Paths still aren’t being generated by Generate Project Files.

The issue is marked as having been fixed in 4.20.3, however, it is still an issue as this forum and the answerhub show.
People have been working around this since July so I assume the bug was introduced between 4.19 and 4.20.
It’s caused too many problems so I’m looking at rolling back until the issue is resolved.

Which is the most recent version of the engine without this issue and, given that it is maked as fixed, how can we track when the bug is resolved?

Did you try removing the intermediate/binaries/saved folder from you project, and after that regenerate the VS files? That solved it for me since 20.3

Apologies, I was unclear. We’ve been using a workaround via a script since July.
A workaround is not a fix, however, and comes with it’s own problems.

The questions asked are the one’s I’m hoping for an answer to, though I do appreciate your response.