Intellisense doesn't work for UE4 + Visual Studio 2013

Simply as the title says,

I get no intellisense for UE4 in Visual Studio. Sometimes when I first start a project it’s there for a little while then goes away.

How can I fix this? It’s hard enough learning a new game engine + a new language without having auto completion.

I managed to get this working by building the project, exiting VS and re-entering.

for people who is having problems with IntelliSense, my problem might help some others.
My IntelliSense was working on x86 but not x64

I tried everything to solve it but what had really happened was that I had overwritten the file “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0\ Microsoft.Cpp.x64.user.props
with the content from a colleague to build other project.

I added these lines which are the ones which screwed up my x64 Intellisense…


So all I had to do was to REMOVE THEM