Intellisence isn't working.

I just created a new Third Person C++ project to learn. As soon as I compile it has 13k errors. I just created the dang thing. How can it have problems with default code? No matter what I do its got loads of errors. I need help this is more frustrating than anything.

The only time I’ve ever had success with intellisense and ue was with my more powerful desktop computer - every other system I’ve had, including the laptop I’m currently using, have never made it work so I suspect intellisense takes up alot of the load. What I did was simply to switch to Visual Assist, and I love it. It’s not free, but it has a trial.

You can ignore intellisense errors. You should just outright disable the ‘Error List’ window because most of it is nonsense. Intellisense struggles with large codebases and UE’s complex macros.

If you plan to do a lot of CPP development in UE4, you should consider ditching intellisense and getting a copy of Visual Assist or Resharper. Any experienced UE4 dev is almost always using one or the other.

Got a 3800X with 2070 Super, Intellisense takes 10 seconds to respond and it’s full of wrong errors. Got Resharper for free with my student id, works perfectly. Also discovered that it warns you about naming conventions.