Intellicode doesn't work with UE code.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with intellicode, but it’s basically improvement for intellisense and it’s a great addition in VS.
What it does it filters code completion relevant for given code context.

If you’re curious here is more info for C++:…l-studio-2019/

Intellicode works just fine for me in every code base I’m working on except it doesn’t work with UE code :frowning:
Has anyone experienced this issue and is there a way to solve this?

Sorry for misinformation, it looks like it works only sometimes, on very few occasions.
it seems like mostly it just doesn’t have a “clue” what to suggest.

Give Visual Assist X a go :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggestion, I installed the trial version of VAX yesterday and my first impressions are not too much great.

The only thing I found useful in VAX is this:

  1. It shows comments in hover tooltip better (ex. comments above UFUNTION/UPROPERTY) which default intellisense does not, so I don’t need to use GOTO feature to see comments.
  2. Support for UE4 in options, provides suggestions for UE macros.

The rest is more or less the same as intellisense, except that suggestions are somewhat faster(but not very much) but at the expense of less aggressive suggestions.
include directives do not work well and do not respect “C++ directories” setting, for example as I type #include “Compo…” no suggestions are provided by VAX I need to type entry folder name so I turned VAX suggestions off in options and continue to use intellisense for that whose suggestions seem to be of more quality.

I know many people complain how intellisense is slow, but problem is that many people don’t know how to set up intellisense in the first place, for me intellisense works faster than instantly even with UE4 projects. (which are really small right now as I discover the engine).

Please don’t attack me as I’m just discovering VAX for now, so very likey I do something wrong with options, but overall it does not impress me too much.

I suggest Resharper C++. It recently got a biiig UE4 centered update and more stuff is planned for it throughout the rest of the year.

don’t worry I have nothing to do with VAX say what you want about it :slight_smile:

Did you go through the docs on how to setup the C++ environment and the settings needed in VS for VAX? I like the keyboard shortcuts personally I find it easier to drill down into the source code. For me the built in intellisense did very little of use even after the last big update where Epic said intellisense now works properly…

Resharper is supposed to be decent aswell as suggested, I’ve never tried it personally but worth a go if you find VAX isn’t to your liking :slight_smile:

Thanks you guys, maybe I’ll try out resharper one day, for now combination of VAX and intellisense works good enough.

Besides the more obvious things like suggestions inside UMACROs, basic Visual Assist tools like implement methods also have special functionality for the Unreal Engine. The more you can use Visual Assist in general, the more opportunities Visual Assist has to make things a little easier.

A quick way to get up to speed is to try using Alt+Shift+Q on symbols for a context menu, and to take a look at the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (VAssistX > Help).

If some part of Visual Assist is not working the way you expect in your solution, send us a message at There is probably a setting for it (or a secret setting… but I have already said too much).