Integration of Aurora - Lucid Dreaming Mask EEG-data


My idea is to use the eeg-data collected by Aurora (Aurora: The Dream-Enhancing Headband by iWinks LLC — Kickstarter) and integrate the measured data into the unreal engine. Is there a possibility to import (eg) a csv file “live”? I need the data provided by aurora real time and at the moment i discuss with the developers which format and in which form i need the data.

Background: Maybe it is possible to use both Aurora and Oculus and depending on your emotions, the game changes in different ways (if you are afraid, have fun, …)

My questions:

  1. Do you guys think that this is possible? I know i have to learn much about brainwaves, eeg and many things more to “interprete” the information… but i think it is possible
  2. Which Format shall i tell the aurora/iwink guys that they shall provide? I thought about a csv-file which can be imported real time…? For sure with some background coding when writing the file, so that the engine don’t have to interprete everything taht “comes in”? Maybe some kind of tool that only writes data like “afraid 1-100”, “happy 1-100” and so on… i think it will be better to import this
  3. Is it much work for the developers to write an unreal engine plugin so we all can use it as a kind of “controller”?

Thank you for your help, ideas and input! :slight_smile: