Integration of a CMS

Not sure if this is the correct section but it seems the most relevant to my question; based on those available.

I am looking to build an experience that is dependent on the interaction of a variety of individual criteria. The player will create a profile based on a number of factors (either in game or else through web based forms), which will change over time, and these criteria will be used to determine what content to offer. I am new to Unreal but have built this type of web based system in the past using various CMS such as RedDot, Episerver and Django. The interaction of rules that determine the content to display will be multi dimensional and complex so don’t really want to build from scratch. Is there a recommended CMS for Unreal? What is best practice for integrating a CMS?

thanks for any help you can offer

NB the criteria will be captured either in game or else through a series of web based forms - so assuming an API between the CMS and the game