Integration Help Needed.

Hello Community, I’d like to ask if anyone would be willing to do some Integration work for me. I own a lot of marketplace content and need a few systems integrated into my current project.
I’m willing to pay per task for smaller tasks at a set price. You will also receive royalties for contributing to the project when released and of course CREDITS IN GAME.
I can also purchase marketplace content for you as payment if requested etc. I do NOT have a team as it is just me right now. I am with very limited funds.
Any and all that help will also receive free full copy of the game when it is released with free upgrades when the multiplayer is done, Lifetime free asset packs
free market place coins for buying new weapons/new content that only the developers will have in game(special items) and FREE access to any new content
that is added to the game for life.

I also need help with setting up and using source control so anyone that will help can access the

Type of tasks:

  1. Animation Blueprint merging
  2. Animation Editing
  3. System Integration
  4. Helicopter blueprint fixes.
  5. Blueprint merging

Systems to be worked with include but are not limited to:

  • Marketplace TPS Pack (needs animation blueprint merged into current player animation blueprint( Marketplace Horse riding kit))
  • Marketplace Swimmable Water animation blueprint(needs merged to current player animation blueprint)
  • Quest system (needs merged with inventory system)
  • Advanced tuning car system(needs merged and setup for third person to enter a car to activate the car editor etc)
  • And lots of other small things.

Basic plot of the game:

The world has ended, Zombies are taking over and there is only one escape! Space. Do quests to unravel the mysteries behind the outbreak and find a way to leave earth before its too late,
Discover new planets and terreform them, Build “YOUR WORLDS”. Trade resources with other players! Rage Wars against other players planets! Take charge of your armies, Blast your enemies with friends and take a journey through SPACE AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF EARTH But be careful not to start the zombie apocalypse on your new planets.!

I do have a discord server you may join:

Can you blueprint? Are you able to assist with the blueprint integration?

Yes I know basics of blueprints etc. I have built a lot of systems for the games I’m developing however I’m no expert this is why I need help :slight_smile:

Excellent. I did not want to get stuck doing all the work. LOL. When convenient, lets discuss it further over here.