Integrating NVIDIA Canvas with UE5

Hey guys, today I want to share with you my workflow integrating NVIDIA Canvas with Unreal Engine! :smiley:

:art: NVIDIA Canvas is a powerful tool that uses AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images, and now it has the panorama mode that exports an equirectangular landscape for 3D workflows.

:artist: I started painting on separate layers, so I can easily delete or change something that I don’t want.

:computer: In Photoshop I converted the EXR (from NVIDIA Canvas) to HDR to use in Unreal Engine with the HDRI Backdrop plugin. That allowed me to reflect the background on every reflective materials in the scene.

:blue_car: I used this car from Cyberpunk Gigapack created by Leartes Studios.

:movie_camera: I animated the camera, rendered in png sequence and then I went to Photoshop, applied a neural filter and recorded an action to apply that neural filter on every single frame.

:film_strip: And then added some vfx and video editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

And that’s it! I hope this workflow can help you.