Integrating external libraries?

I have a library I want to use in Unreal that only exists as a dll. Do I need to download the Unreal source code and build it in VS, to be able to use this library, or can I integrate it using Unreal editor’s C++ tool?

hi ariegos yes you can link whatever library you want in your project, i know two basic methods, first by linking dlls directly check this wiki or you can link your library if you have some .lib with the unreal build tool i recommend this one, check this wiki
tell me if you have problems with this and i can help you more


Hey thanks ZkarmaKun. I’ll be trying your links out today.

Your second link worked out great. Thanks again.

@ZkarmaKun Your links are now outdated :frowning: because Unreal had to change their wiki :confused:
Do you know where I can find the new links (if they even exist)

[USER=“4332520”]FJ van Dijk[/USER] Only the first part of the link changed. Most pages have been ported to the new page. Linking Dlls | UE4 Community Wiki

@SRTiFE.x Ooooh that is how they did that. Thank you for the new link and for info. Now when I click on someone’s link and it is outdated I know how to get to the new website.
Thank you very much :)))))))