Integrated War

Would it be possible to create a multiplayer war experience using several different games integrated into one gaming experience? In other words say you were a soldier in an FPS environment going through a particular mission and you needed air support. You could call another player who would be operating a flight simulator, and the pilot would be able to interact with the troops on the ground to give support where needed as an example.

The question essentially is what sort of design considerations would have to be taken into account to pull this one off? I understand this question is very broad. Basically I would like to know if you have 4 or 5 different games (FPS Shooter, Flight simulation, Tank simulation, Artillery simulation, Navy support, etc…), what would have to be done in order for each of these games talk to one another in UE4 for a smooth interactive experience?

You can make it as one game. Check out battlefield, planetside 2, warthunder.

^ This.

I’d recommend checking out Natural Selection II for a great example of how to combine RTS and FPS elements.

I would advise you to do a search on the web for “asymmetrical gameplay”. There’s been a number of examples.

This is kind of what I’m looking for. I can certainly see the market potential for this type of realistic war gaming if it can be done efficiently. You could be on a ground mission, get pinned down by a sniper, then call another online player who could offer tank support to free you from the dilemma. The possibilities are many and I can see where to start my research. The thing I found about Battlefield and some of the other games, is that you get to play infantry, pilot, and tank driver at different points in the game but not all elements at the same time. What I’m hoping to accomplish, is to have the different elements operating concurrently so that they could interact together at any point in the game. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

In battlefield they are interacting. Same for warthudner but on a basic level. They are too interacting in planetside.

Like in Trine?